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Vulcanized Pulley Lagging; Ceramic Pulley Lagging™ ... Designed for direct application to the drive pulley. Suitable for conditions with dual or high horsepower drives or steel cable conveyor belts. ... start-up couplings, gear boxes, pulley lagging & variable pulleys. Suitable for applications in various industries including agricultural ...

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To select the right pulley lagging, be sure to consider the environmental conditions around the pulley: Belt condition, i.e., wet or dry The service required for bonded lagging versus weld-on

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The increased and more uniform adhesion provided by the Hot Vulcanised Ceramic Lagging (HVCL) and also the Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging (DBCL) will prevent lifting of the lagging at the edge of the pulleys. Additionally for the HVCL the pulley shell end and end discs can be sealed in a layer of rubber that is also bonded to the lagging.

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The Ceramic tiles are moulded into the lagging which is then cold bonded to the drum pulley. This style of finish allows excellent traction and reduces slippage, meaning that the belt tension is lower and, therefore as a result, increases the life of the pulley.

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Pulley shells are commonly lagged to protect the pulley face from wear and provide better traction to the belt. Different lagging materials can be used including rubber, ceramic inlaid rubber and direct bonded ceramic and are typically selected in relation to the operating conditions, life …

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Non-drive pulleys can be lagged with smooth ceramic lagging. This is less common than drive pulleys as ceramic lagging is more expensive than rubber lagging and is only used when necessary. Ceramic lagging can be applied to the pulley shell as a rubber backed ceramic strip or sheet. The rubber backing is bonded to the pulley shell.

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LAGGING FOR PULLEYS Baldor•dodge lagging Comparison Dodge DLAG: The Best Value in Vulcanized Lagging DLAG is a proprietary vulcanized rubber compound that has proven to dramatically extend pulley life in the toughest applications.

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LAGGING & COATING SERVICES Multiple options including cold bonded, weld-on replaceable and over twenty compounds available in hot vulcanized lagging materials. ... To increase the service life of a wing pulley, PCI offers two wing tip lagging options. 70A Durometer Weld-On Steel Back Diamond Urethane is shown.

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Features & Benefits FEATURES BENEFITS Tiles with raised dimples Improved belt grip and tracking 96% Aluminium oxide tile material Extreme wear resistance Rubber compound blended with CN polymers Outstanding adhesion to ceramic tiles, rubber and metal Buffed CN bonding layer and buffed edges For optimum cold vulcanised adhesion to the pulley ...

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Find Direct Bonded Ceramic Pulley Lagging related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Direct Bonded Ceramic Pulley Lagging …

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Aug 22, 2003· Ceramic lagging bonded directly to pulley I understand that ceramic tiles embedded in rubber are commonly used in industry. However bonding the ceramic tiles directly to the steel of the pulley, using epoxy, is a relative new method used more and more.

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All conveyor pulleys are welded using the latest submerged arc technology, non-destructive tested and stress relieved. When consulted early in the conveyor design process, we will work with you and your team to determine the best conveyor pulley design for the application.

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Multolag™ Pulley Lagging . Multotec has developed MultoLag™, a direct bond ceramic pulley lagging system for drive and non-drive pulleys. It serves as a maintenance-free wear-resistant cover applied to pulley shells, which improves traction in the case of drive pulleys, and provides a polished low friction surface on non-drive pulleys.

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Supplier & Manufacturer of Ceramic Tile Lagging & Ceramic Tile Lagging. Our product range also comprises of Steel Cord Belt Joints, Conveyor Belt Joints and Pulley Lagging.

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A further benefit of direct bonded ceramic lagging is a significant extension of the useful pulley life. "We apply the studded tile lagging to drive pulleys, and smooth high density alumina ceramic tiles are used for nondrive pulleys," he continues.

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CN Filler (Chloroprene bonding) available upon request. Rubber Back Ceramic Lagging Typical applications: Drive pulleys, MD and HD pulleys. Features and benefits: Dimpled (for drive pulleys) and smooth (for non-drive applications), reduces LTU tension requirements through better power transmission, increases pulley life, improved belt grip.

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The HVCL system's hot vulcanised bonding layer is designed to provide a rubber tear bond between the ceramic lagging and the pulley shell. Importantly, the collaborators pointed out to ABHR, there are no joints between the strips, with the hot vulcanising process forming an impervious barrier at …

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Pulley and roller lagging is the process of covering the surface of rollers or pulleys to increase traction, prevent premature wear, improve alignment between the roller/pulley and a belt, and extend the overall lifetime of the system. ... conveyor roller lagging, direct bonded ceramic pulley lagging, elevator pulley lagging, herringbone pulley ...

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Designed for direct application to the drive pulley, of ceramic pulley lagging, as well as pulley grooving, and cold bonded adhesive lagging Get Price Multotecs direct bonded ceramic pulley lagging is a cost-effective solution, ensuring optimum traction of drive pulleys in …

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Trelleborg supplies a complete range of pulley lagging systems including non-drive, flat, ceramic drive and diamond groove pulley lagging. We can supply pulley lagging material as well as fit our solutions to your pulley with services including hot vulcanising and direct bond.

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Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging Adhesion System DBC (Direct Bond Ceramic) Primer To eliminate the risk of variable adhesion due to pulley shell corrosion after sand blasting Elastotec has developed a primer system that when applied immediately after the sandblasting of the pulley shell seals the pulley surface and prevents surface corrosion.

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Reliable pulley lagging is an essential part of trouble-free conveyor operation. When worn out lagging is slowing down your production, contact Mid-West Innovators – your optimal source for pulley RELAG. ... upgrading pulley lagging from cold-bonded and rough-top belting products.

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direct bonded ceramic pulley lagging . Direct bonded rubber ceramic pulley lagging Ceramic pulley lagging for belt conveyor pulley to the largest pulleys Get Info Conveyor Pulleys Lorbrand Discussions about Pulleys Who is Who in the . Show all 405 discussions about Pulleys in the field of powder/bulk handling and progressing or other ...

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BELTCARE ceramic pulley lagging consist of ceramic tile, molded into from 10mm to 18mm thick x500mm wide natural rubber strip. The high- quality materials guaranty strong bonding force between ceramic tile and rubber, we also enlarge the ceramic coverage to reach to around 40%, it ensure the lagging high abrasion resistance.

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Lagging materials for drive and non-driven pulleys: HP142 – Hot vulcanized rubber lagging; HP144 – Cold bonded rubber lagging; HP145 – Hot vulcanised ceramic lagging; HP146 – Cold bonded ceramic lagging; HP147 – Hot cast urethane lagging; HP148 – Cold bonded urethane lagging; HP149 – Direct bonded ceramic lagging

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Pulley Diameters up to 1,250 mm (49") Belt widths up to 3,500 mm (138") Shaft diameters from 100 to 400 mm (4″ to 16″) Locking elements sized to handle bending moment and torque Construction includes both welded end discs & T-shaped end discs Weight optimized design Ceramic/rubber lagging …

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Mar 23, 2004· I am currently evaluating ceramic lagging for our conveyor drive pulleys. I understand that ceramic tiles embedded in rubber are commonly used in industry. However bonding the ceramic tiles directly to the steel of the pulley, using epoxy, is a relative new method used more and more.

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"Multotec's Direct Bonded Ceramic Pulley Lagging is a cost effective solution which ensures optimum traction of drive pulleys under wet and slippery conditions.

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